The Zentangle Method® puts pen to paper mindfully, making drawing an enjoyable and relaxing way to create a space for your brain to recharge.

It’s ideal for people who have never drawn before, because the patterns are broken down into simple steps made of the following shapes:  an S curve, a C curve, an O orb and a straight(ish) line.  The focus is on enjoying the process rather than worrying about creating art.  People who continue tangling find their drawing skills improve, which is a great side-effect of practicing the method.

One reason why so many people embrace Zentangle, is that its practice ignites a charge of creativity that has been dormant within them for too long. When creativity flows, it feels wonderful.  Come and learn how to draw cool pictures while in a relaxing environment.  The Zentangle Method  is easy to learn for almost anyone aged 8+.  Try it out!


  • My son and I had the pleasure of taking one of Connie’s Zentangle courses and we both loved it! Connie was able to teach me and also meet the learning needs of my 9 year old son at the same time. She made the class fun and the art form approachable and easy to learn! I highly recommend this course.

    K and A