You can tangle on a plane..

You can tangle on a plane,
You can tangle on a train.
You can tangle in the car,
You can tangle traveling far.
You can tangle here and there,
You can tangle anywhere!

Apologies for the bad poem.. and borrowing from Dr Seuss.  I have been traveling with my family visiting my children’s Grandparents, and found myself tangling on a plane, train, in a car (and coffee shops too 🙂  Here are some of my tiles.

I also worked on some Zentangle-inspired Art (ZiA).  ZiA can look similar to art produced using the Zentangle-Method, but it can differ in fundamental ways that don’t follow the Zentangle method, including:

  • Size or color of paper.
  • Color of ink.
  • Adding color to the work, or non-graphite shading.
  • The artwork being representational (i.e. looking like something in real-life)
  • The artwork being pre-planned, including sketching out the work.

The Zentangle Method derives its meditational benefit from using few tools, and being simple and unplanned, so you don’t stress thinking about what the finished product will look like.

p.s.  Talking about tangling in strange places.. I wish my traveling companion had taken a photo of me e-tangling on my iPad.  I was (attempting to) tangle, while my youngest son was draped across my legs trying to sleep;  both of my arms were hovering over his head  (In this case, the rhyme should be.. You can tangle while being a bed!)

Tangle on!

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