Art journaling in the UK

We visited my kids’ grandparents in the UK, and instead of spending my artistic time tangling, I was art journaling.  It’s a real stretch for me, because I’m not an artist!  I came to this very unusual (for me!) class because one of my friends suggested we do an art journal summer school together.  The primary teacher is Marieke Blokland of – she is fun to listen to, and is also a really great teacher.  If you want to try out art journaling, you can do her fantastic free mini-workshop.

What is terrifically cool, is the only reason I had the confidence to try this (intimidating -for-me) class, is Zentangle.  The Zentangle Method has taught me to enjoy the process, to rely on instinct, to go with it – this translated perfectly into confidence for taking this new class.   And without really trying, regular Zentangling for the last year-and-a-half has meant I can now draw a line where I want it to be!

I really enjoy Marieke’s relaxed style of teaching while learning to use different media including watercolor crayons, acrylic paint, acrylic paint pens, watercolors and collage.  The different projects in each lesson have really stretched me in many ways; some I have really loved, and others weren’t my cup of tea (and Marieke says this is totally fine!  What one person enjoys, another doesn’t).  Here are two of my current art-journal pages, for the class “Noticing Beauty” that is taught by guest artist Mary Wangerin.   Finding beauty everywhere is also something I have learned from Mindfulness.  So when Mary suggested drawing something beautiful from our environment, it was easy for me to choose drawing a dragonfly and a bee, that were both in Grandad’s garden.


Next post I’ll talk about the patterns I found, and show you some of the beautiful artwork I saw!


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