Two art galleries…

We had time to visit Hampton Court Palace with the amazing Cumberland Art Gallery.  I was *so very* lucky to have time and space to see amazing works by artists such as Rembrandt, Holbein, Gainsborough.  My favorite was this Gainsborough painting Diana and Actaeon, c1785-8  This photo from the Hampton Court web site doesn’t do this artwork any kind of justice.


What I really enjoyed about the gallery, was it was not crowded, meaning I could really get an opportunity to look at the artworks up-close.

We also had time to visit the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, where RAA members exhibit their (purchasable) artwork.  This is a totally different vibe, with modern art covering every wall-space possible.  Here are some of the artworks that I loved:

It was a great space, with lots of positive energy.  It was also very inspirational, considering the Art Journal Summer School I was working on!

Next post will show you some of the patterns I spotted!

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