Catch up – and cortisol?!

It’s been ages since I posted – I can’t remember all the things that have happened since August last year!  I have been tangling, usually daily.  Putting pen to paper mindfully helps keep me balanced and centered, and I think it might be able to do that for you too.  There seems to be more research coming out showing that practicing art helps reduce stress.  Here is one study published in the Journal of American Art Therapy magazine about how the study participants felt more relaxed after a session of unstructured art;  they found that many of the study participants’ cortisol level dropped by the end of the class (cortisol is often called the stress hormone.)  Although as a CZT I am not an Art Therapist, CZTs do find our students report a feeling of well-being after a Zentangle lesson, or after practicing on their own.  So get to it!

Here are some of the tiles I’ve worked on in the last few months..

oh!  And BTW, you can see more of my tiles – faster – on Instagram:  @justTangleCZT

Happy Tangling!

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