e-tangling with an iPad Pro and procreate 

I usually prefer tangling on paper and a pen.. but every now and then I pick up my iPad. Here is a draft of the front page to my Zenthology. My Zenthology is a paper booklet that contains abbreviated step-outs for all of of the tangles I know and love. It’s hard to believe that just only a year ago, I didn’t think I could draw – anything!

Brenda Shaver Shahin (brendashaver.com), a fellow CZT said it well yesterday that practicing Zentangle makes anything feel within your grasp. After tangling for a year, I had the confidence to take an acrylics class last week, when the only medium I had previously painted in was latex with a roller, on my living room wall. If you can’t draw, try Zentangle! If you really really can’t draw – like me – take a class from a CZT! Anyway, here is a draft of the front page of my Zenthology. It’s not a work of art, but I like it, and it was so relaxing to draw.. one pen stroke at a time.